Cut Copy and Paste

Cut/Copy and Paste

Cut / Copy and Paste offer user-interface paradigms for transferring objects from a source to a destination. Cut removes the object after pasting, whereas copy keeps the source object intact after pasting. Inventor Fusion currently supports the following objects for cut/copy and paste: ■ One or more pieces of sketch geometries ■ One or more body objects ■ One or… More

Browser and Copy,Paste

Browser and Copy/Paste

In Inventor Fusion, the browser presents an organized view of the data in your design. Objects selected in the browser are selected in the graphics and vice-versa. You can create new component instances in the browser. Bodies can be dragged or copied and pasted from one component to another. 1 Toggle Favorites Folder 2 Toggle Information Panel 3 Child Component… More

Enhanced tooltip

Enhanced tooltip

Many of the ribbon commands have enhanced (also referred to as progressive) tooltip which display information for interaction with commands. Initially, the name of the command and a short description of the command is displayed. If you continue to pause the cursor, the commandtip expands to display additional information.

Selection commands

Selection commands

Mechanical designs often have many objects in the canvas which can make selecting the appropriate object difficult. The Select Other navigation commands in Inventor Fusion help you to select obscured or difficult-to-select geometry. The different options for the Select Other are accessible through a glyph which can be seen when you hover the cursor over a face/edge. This face/ edge… More


Why Motivation is Important

What is the missing link in the information age? Information on success is so readily available that it is surprising why there aren’t more people who are living happy fulfilling lives. Why aren’t more of us successful? How is it that so many of us know what to do but still don’t do it? The best way to begin explaining… More