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Cut/Copy and Paste

Cut / Copy and Paste offer user-interface paradigms for transferring objects from a source to a destination.

Cut / Copy and Paste offer user-interface paradigms for transferring objects from a source to a destination. Cut removes the object after pasting, whereas copy keeps the source object intact after pasting. Inventor Fusion currently supports the following objects for cut/copy and paste:

■ One or more pieces of sketch geometries

■ One or more body objects

■ One or more components (component instances)

■ Face sets There is no undo/redo support for the cut or copy command. Paste and paste new are supported for undo/redo.

Cut/Copy Interace

Objects can be selected from either the browser or using a graphical selection. The cut and copy commands are available from various places as follows:

1 Browser: right-click a browser node

Cut Copy and Paste2 Marking Menu: right-click open space

Cut Copy and Paste3 Ribbon

Cut Copy and Paste4 Key strokes

This functionality has also been mapped to the key sequences Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C.

Note: If the user uses cut, the actual cut operation does not happen until the paste command is invoked. Every time a cut/copy command is used, the previously cut/copied objects are cleared from the clipboard.

Paste Interface

The paste command pastes previously cut/copied objects from the clipboard. At the time of pasting a valid paste container is either deduced or needs to be specified. Rules are as follows:

1 Browser Node

On a browser node that is a valid paste container. For example, a valid paste container for a set of sketch geometries is a sketch node in the browser. A component node is a valid paste container for a body or a component instance as long as those objects are not already included inside the component instance.

Cut Copy and Paste2 Graphical Selection

On a graphical selection that is a valid paste container.For example, a face or a work plane is valid paste containers for sketch geometries.

Cut Copy and Paste3 Empty Space

When the paste command is invoked in empty space, the active sketch or the active component is used as the paste container if that is valid.

Cut Copy and Paste4 Ribbon

Cut Copy and Paste5 Key Strokes

This functionality has been mapped to the key sequence Ctrl+V. Note: Objects can be pasted in a different document from the one they were copied.

Implicit Paste Using Browser Drag and Drop In addition, within a document, the user can drag and drop body objects and component objects. These drag-and drop operations result in an implicit cut and paste.

Paste New

When a component instance is cut/copied, it can be pasted as a “shallow copy” or as a “deep copy”. In a shallow copy, a copy of the cut/copied component instance is added to the new owner as a new component instance; the structure under it is shared with other component instances. In a deep copy the entire subassembly under the component instance is copied.

To distinguish between the two, a command called “Paste New” is available when the cut/copied object is a component. Paste creates a shallow copy and paste new creates a deep copy.

Cut Copy and PasteNote: When a component is copied and pasted across documents, only a deep copy is possible, so only paste new is available.

Paste Behavior

When an object is pasted, there are two kinds of behavior depending on whether the paste is explicit (invoked using the paste or paste new command) or implicit (invoked by drag and drop in the browser).

Explicit Paste Behavior

When paste is done explicitly, the paste object is placed at the cursor and the user is allowed to move it around on the screen and place it by clicking with the left mouse button.

Explicit paste does not clear the clipboard, so it is possible to repeat the paste (or paste new) command to repeatedly paste.

Implicit Paste Behavior

When paste is done implicitly, this is considered a restructure operation and the pasted object changes its place in the hierarchy. Its location and orientation in the world coordinate system remains unchanged. There is no user interaction needed after the drag-drop.

Implicit paste clears the clipboard.

Make Independent

The “Make Independent” command operates on a component instance selection either in the browser or a graphical selection.

Cut Copy and PasteThis command makes the subassembly represented by the component instance “independent”, for example, it is equivalent to a cut followed by a deep copy of the component instance in the same parent container.

There is no placement interaction when using this command, as this is also a “restructuring” operation.

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