Editing a Sketch Entity

Editing a Sketch Entity

After creating a Sketch entity, you may wish to reposition it or edit its dimensions, or delete it.

After creating a Sketch entity, you may wish to reposition it or edit its dimensions, or delete it.

Selecting a Sketch Entity

click a Sketch entity to select it.When an entity is selected you will see its dimensions. Note that selecting one edge of a polygon does not select the entire polygon. It will only select the edge. To select the entire polygon, select the area that the polygon lies in.

Select Area: During the Select command, click and drag the left mouse button to draw a rectangle and select objects which are inside of the rectangle. Drag the cursor from Left to Right to only select objects completely inside the selection area. Drag the cursor from Right to Left to select anything inside or crossing the selection area.

Note: When in sketch mode (for example, you have an active Sketch Plane), select area will only select Sketch curves. It will not select Sketch points or Sketch profiles on page 171. Outside of Sketch, select area will select normal topology, but will not select Sketch curves. It will select Sketch profiles.

Repositioning a Sketch Entity

You can click and drag a selected entity to a new position and release the cursor to “drop” it in its new location. Note that Sketch Constraints on page 169 may come into play if the entity you are trying to move is connected to other entities, and the connected entities may also move/resize to maintain those constraints.

Editing Sketch Dimensions

When you select a Sketch entity, you will see its dimensions. Change the dimension value by entering a new value in the heads-up display (HUD).

Editing a Sketch Entity

Editing a Sketch EntitySelecting multiple sketch entities will display additional dimensions. As you edit a dimension, other visible dimensions are locked to their current their value as the sketch changes.

Editing a Sketch EntityA red X appears on dimensions that are being edited. The X indicates which endpoint is fixed while the dimension is being edited. To lock or unlock a sketch entity, click the entity, then invoke the marking menu (RMB) and select Lock/Unlock Geometry from the context menu. See Locking Sketch Geometry on page 176 for more information.

Selecting multiple entities will also create dimensions between the selected entities, where appropriate.

You can also edit certain entities by selecting them and dragging your mouse. For example, you can pick the endpoint of a line and drag it to extend the line.

Deleting a Sketch entity

Select the Sketch entity that you wish to delete and press the delete key. The entity will be deleted. You can use area select to select multiple entities and delete them at once. You can also delete an entire Sketch Plane by right-clicking the Sketch Planes browser node and picking the “Delete” option. All Sketch entities on the plane will be deleted.

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